As the distinction between work and pleasure becomes undefined within the climate of lockdown and working from home, paired with a reliance of the digital space for connectivity, individuals experience an increased overwhelming feeling. As a result, they are seeking simplicity, making space for clarity. Garments become a blank canvas. Austerity allows to take distance from disposable thoughts. Comfort facilitates meaningful thinking.

Bruno Munari

Prioritising tactility rather than vision, for a design process led by touch and comforting surfaces.

Garments to console.
Garments to support.
Garments to feel.

A narrative made by timeless pieces forming a capsule collection for the body and the mind to find freedom within.

+ Inner Wearing
+ Less is More
+ Comfort
+ Monochrome
+ Simplicity
+ Honesty

+ Burnt-out
+ Overwhelmed
+ Anxiety

+ Whites
+ Off-whites
+ Neutrals
+ Soft touch
+ Matte
+ Sensorial surfaces