Concentrating on wearability over aesthetics. Producing clothes that allow space for reflection and movement. A curated selection of interchangeable uniforms to emancipate the body and stimulate innovative thinking.

It is within the surface of the fabric that our skin encounters the materiality of fashion, establishing a reciprocal exchange of tactile stimulation.
With this notion in mind, wearing becomes an extension of the physical and psychological self, while enabling the wearer to feel and build a sense of affection to the garment.

Garments to keep.
Garments to think with.
Garments to be lived.


+ Functionality
+ Protection
+ Longevity
+ Practicality
+ Movement
+ Essential

+ Uniform


+ Active
+ Need > Greed
+ Capsule Wardrobe


+ Second-skin
+ Elasticity

+ Reactive
+ Performance