Any living being in its natural state follows a cyclical process of making and unmaking, while occupying a very specific role and function within a bigger ecosystem that is, too, cyclical. This means that everything that is considered “waste” in nature is repurposed. When moving to the making that generates from humans, this circular approach is lost. The existence of artificial objects only benefits the human species. Hence, once the result of making becomes obsolete it often just becomes waste, from which no living being benefits from. The resources that we “borrow” from the planet, ultimately affect our being in the world.

Rebecca Horn

Nature-led design process. Making as a practice of care and respect of skills, resources, and function.

Cyclical garments.
Meaningful garments.
Need > Greed.


+ Organic
+ Sustainable
+ Ethical
+ Innovative
+ Meaningful
+ Responsible
+ Conscious


+ Ethics > Aesthetics
+ Awareness
+ Inclusivity


+ Biomimicry
+ Bio-Plastic
+ Recycled
+ Wasteless
+ Repurpose
+ Harmless