Giovanni Battista Braccelli, Bizzarrie di Varie Figure, 1624.

American author Ernest Callenbach once said, “No humans or other living beings can survive without multiple interconnections with other organisms.”  The prosperity of our practices relies on the creation of a collective lived experience of the connectedness of living and non living elements. Just because we live isolated from nature, it does not mean that our actions don’t affect it.

We will always need to cover our bodies, therefore there will always be a demand for garments.
However, making shall not be understood as a confined discipline.

Lygia Pape, Divisor (Divider), 1968. 
︎ Lygia Pape

In order to successfully re-establish a balance with the environment, we need to gain an overview of how we move and use its resources. Therefore, it is from the study of materials and their properties that a meaningful shift of mindset should start within the fashion system and societies in general. By understanding materials, we can appreciate the craft of garments, their production, and their impact on our ecosystem. Opening conversations beyond industries will certainly benefit the implementation of better production systems, by collaborating on innovative solutions and sharing knowledge.