Erwin Wurm, Red, 1997. ︎


The truth is that we are often led to desire to be desirable.
Which, by definition, implies that we are not. (desirable).

Suddenly, our self-worth relies on the external world -
people, brands, employers, objects, products, and so on -
rather than from the inside.

This undermines our sense of self - our identity -
ultimately creating a deep sense of uncertainty
and self-doubt,
from which many industries profit.

We forget who we really are. We forget what we really need.
Becoming passive spectators of life on our social media feeds.
Hungry for consent. Empty.

Reconnecting to our senses is not a meditative act, but rather
an act of reclaiming our independence from the artificial.
To reconnect to our authenthic thoughts and interests.

Fashion is a sensorial practice. A practice of wearing.
It is useful for our body and for our minds to think freely.

Garments shall last.
Garments shall feel good.
Garments shall be worn.

Let’s wear better.