A warming welcome to a story of contact. A narrative of feelings. A visual reflection of the emotions coming from the tactile connections our body establishes with the textiles we decorate it and protect it with. It is a narrative of encounters between materials, humans, and the unified system to which we all belong.

Allegories of Touch is not a project, nor is an artwork. Allegories of Touch is a journey in the depths of the inexplicable. A visualisation of the uncanny sensations that we perceive in our everydays, yet hardly can express through words.

Through a combination of considered academic readings and intuitive visual experiments, Allegories of Touch attempts to reveal the interconnectedness between the senses, the mind, garments, and their origins.

We are all part of an intermittent intermingling of touch and affection. An ecosystem of care, craft, wisdom, and endurance.

For this reason, Allegories of Touch is an invitation to the appreciation of the connected interrelationships that are present within our inner and outer state, as the key for an enriched understanding of the objects we love, how we make them, why we make them, and how they make us feel.