In any real understanding of making there needs to be an appreciation of the unmaking that shadows it; an appreciation of the pain or harm that may be inflicted to not only a body, but also to the intermingling of bodies, – matter, things and environments. Pain in other bodies and other matter in the course of making, for example, on a small scale in the bruising that occurs in mishandling wood, and on a large scale in the scarification of the earth through deforestation, although not sensate nevertheless has implications for the body in its being in the world, – in its intermingling. This pain to others is a deferral and diversion of pain, which will return pain to some ‘body’ at some time.

Terence Rosenberg, Intermingled Bodies, 2013.

Gerco De Ruijter, Contact Sheet #2 (time), Cropped, 2012.
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