Giulia is an Italo-Brazilian multidisciplinary design researcher and creative director passionate about regenerative solutions in the fashion system and beyond.


— A collaborative project about consent

Art Director, Producer


Ask is a collaborative project about consent, a creation between Doyenne, Consent for breakfast, Consent is Rad and Hera Skate. All coming from different backgrounds, but dedicated to making the international skate scene safer and more welcoming, we decided to create a collaborative campaign about Consent within the skateboarding community and beyond.

Our challenge was to make the topic of consent accessible without overlooking the serious consequences that victims and survivors have to deal with in their lives. Our collective brought together artists, writers, researchers, social workers, designers, and people from the industry, to start defining the root cause of the issue and how we might talk about this topic in a way that could be engaging and serious, whilst remaining beautiful and uplifting, allowing breaths of humor and art within it.

The campaign resulted in the combination of colourful t-shirts with an educational zine to reach more people beyond digital platforms and allow an interaction with content we created long after the project’s launch.

Collectives: Doyenne, Consent is Rad, Consent for Breakfast, Hera Skate
Graphic Designer: Giulia Saporito
Photographer: Lara Coassin