Giulia is an Italo-Brazilian multidisciplinary design researcher and creative director passionate about regenerative solutions in the fashion system and beyond.

Doyenne x Nike SB

— Celebrating the duality of being

Producer, Creative Director, Stylist

Doyenne x Nike SB
Doyenne and Nike SB come together with a collection that celebrates the duality of being. Reflecting on the interaction between contrasting elements - stillness and chaos, introspection and expansion that is present within all of us.

Playing on the reversible nature of the garments we designed in collaboration, we produced a campaign that showcased the fluidity of internal being, translating our concept into immersive visual storytelling made of paint brushes and abstract props.

Art Direction & Production: Doyenne Studio
Photography: Hollie Fernando
Set Design: Bianca Trombi
Background Painting: Martina Giuseppone
Photography Assistant: Millie Noble
Lighting Assistant: Marlen Keller
HMU: Laura Hahne
Styling Assistant: Lara Coassin
Models: Kavita, Dehiry, Weezy, Daniella