Giulia Angelucci

Giulia Angelucci is an Italo-Brazilian multidisciplinary researcher and designer. Her work spaces between creative direction, graphic design, trend forecasting, and visual research. Giulia’s approach is led by intuition, with an interest in the interdependence of culture, identity, and growth.

Purpose / Connection

︎︎︎ Allegories of Touch
︎︎︎ Skin Geographies
︎︎︎ Botanical Impressions
︎︎︎ Doyenne Skateboards
︎︎︎ Métamorphosis
︎︎︎ Klu Zine
︎︎︎ Mimesis
︎︎︎ Making as Thinking

❋ Brighton / Milan



Giulia is an Italian multidisciplinary researcher and designer based in Brighton with a passion for identity, interbeing, and innovation.

Allegories of Touch

Brighton University, BA Fashion Communication
Final Major Project

❋ Award of Excellence, Nagoya University of the Arts (JP)
Winner of the award of excellence

Garments are not simply visual representatives of culture, but they carry their own material culture within.

Allegories of Touch is a reflection on the interactions present in the practice of wearing. The narrative follows an intuitive and holistic process of thought to reveal a lucid insight of fashion as a system of relationships between emotions, the human body, and the planet.

The project uses inner visions that aspire to provoke conversations around the symbiotic relationship between body and garment, the rational and the emotional, skin and fabric, material and product, societies and ecosystems.

The research is born as an instinctive photographic enquiry, developing into a visual essay, which culminates into a virtual exhibition and printed publication.


︎︎︎Selected content from the book: