Giulia is an Italo-Brazilian multidisciplinary researcher and creative director passionate about inclusivity & innovation within the fashion system and beyond.

Seeking Comfort in an Uncomfortable Place

— An introspective film on neurodiversity in skateboarding

Concept, Creative Director


Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 2022
AS Film Festival, Rome 2022
Tampere Film Festival 2023
Milano Skate and Surf Festival 2023
A short film created in collaboration with director Debora Bottino. The film is a window to open a conversation about neurodiversity within the culture of skateboarding. We follow the lives and thought processes of Glasgow-based female and non-binary skaters Meg, Kira, and X as they navigate their passions and struggles, offering a delicate and unfiltered viewpoint of the moltitude of such an important topic.

Director: Debora Maite Bottino
Featuring: Meg, Chloe, Kira
Production: Foundry Films
Sound: Laitsi Berre
Skate DOP: Nancy Hanking
Music: Hypnic Jerks