Giulia Angelucci

Giulia Angelucci is an Italo-Brazilian multidisciplinary researcher and designer. Her work spaces between creative direction, graphic design, trend forecasting, and visual research. Giulia’s approach is led by intuition, with an interest in the interdependence of culture, identity, and growth.

Purpose / Connection

︎︎︎ Allegories of Touch
︎︎︎ Skin Geographies
︎︎︎ Botanical Impressions
︎︎︎ Doyenne Skateboards
︎︎︎ Métamorphosis
︎︎︎ Klu Zine
︎︎︎ Mimesis
︎︎︎ Making as Thinking

❋ Brighton / Milan



Giulia is an Italian multidisciplinary researcher and designer based in Brighton with a passion for identity, interbeing, and innovation.

Doyenne Skateboards


2017 - Present

❋ Press 
i-D Magazine
Gurls Talk
LSN Global
Broccoli Magazine (Print)
Vague Magazine (Print)

Doyenne Skateboards is a women-run independent brand born in 2017 in Glasgow. Alongside two friends we nurtured and promoted an ideal of inclusivity and equality within our local community through skateboarding. I am the proud co-founder and creative director of the brand in which I had the pleasure to grow while creating growth for voices that went unheard for too long (women, LGBTQI+ community, people with disabilities). The aim has always been to rewrite and recontextualise the narrative of what a brand should be, what a model look like, what a skater should look like, and so on. We took the project very personally, meeting most customers in real life, offering meet-ups, and donating to charities that do impactful work, including Skateistan, Skatepal, Concrete Jungle Foundation, Free Movement Skateboarding, Visibility, and more.