Doyenne Skateboards

Co-Founder and Creative Director of women-run skateboarding brand Doyenne Skateboards. Within Doyenne, one of my main roles are to set the direction for the season through trend research translated in concepts, and define the mood for the photoshoots art direction and photography. I am also responsible for the copywriting of all of our collections, while carrying the main tasks involved in directing a business, from admin to inventory management.

Our mission is to provide support to minorities within the skateboarding community by making skating more accessible through free lessons and using our platform to increase representation.

We value equal opportunities, unity and reciprocal help. We believe that a solid community is the foundation needed to have a positive impact on society. Diversity is present in every community and our aim is to celebrate it by actively promoting, embracing and empowering those aspects.

All the clothes that we sell are sourced from ethical manufacturers around the globe and the graphics are printed and embroidered locally in Glasgow. Part of the profit of our sales goes towards sustaining our International Ambassadors Programme, which allows us to expand our free beginners’ lessons outside Glasgow.

We decided, as a brand that stands for inclusivity, it’s important to support emerging skateboarding scenes as much as established ones. Before starting this ambassodor project we have donated to different charities including Skateistan, Skatepal, Concrete Jungle Foundation, Free Movement Skateboarding and Visibility.

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