Giulia is an Italo-Brazilian multidisciplinary researcher and creative director passionate about inclusivity & innovation within the fashion system and beyond.

Hart Club

— Championing neurodiversity in the arts & fashion

Creative Director, Stylist, Producer


A collaboration between Doyenne and Hart Club, an organization championing neurodiversity within the arts.

We worked with two of Hart School’s students, Serafina and Yandgzom, who have been collaborating in the creation of two final art pieces reflecting on the themes of comfort, adaptation, and wellbeing.

Doyenne supported their latest project, Hart School, which is an art program designed to be free, inclusive, and accessible, an opportunity open to adults of all ages and prioritizes who is typically excluded from similar opportunities due to financial barriers and lack of specialized support for disabled artists.

Photographer: Wainam Cheung
Assistant Stylist: Steph Jones
Models: Thabitha, Joe, Shiva